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Methodist Church , Southport, CT

"Methodism, a Christian religion that encouraged taking personal responsibility and seeking justice on Earth."

The Methodist movement was particularly important for its early emphasis on social service and education

The First Methodist Episcopal Church, South Norwalk had their first service in 1787, but the formal organization did not occur until 1790. Since the organization there have been three additional churches formed from it. They are the Second Methodist Episcopal church at Norwalk, the Third Methodist Episcopal Church at Rowayton, and the Fourth Methodist Episcopal Church at East Norwalk


Courtesy Pequot Library “From the Southport Picture File at Pequot Library, used with permission.” 
#015 Methodist Church, Church St, Rose Hill
Subject Southport, Connecticut
Description Photographer: Edward, Clinton or Eugene Hall. Note found with glass plate negative: "The original Methodist church on Church St, S'port." This church was built in 1845. It was sold in 1898 when a new church was built on Pequot Ave (See photos #12 and 13). This original church was cut in half and transported down the present Rose Hill Rd to form two separate buildings. One half was placed just below #72 Rose Hill Rd and the other half was placed in the triangle area where Rose Hill Rd and Main St intersect. House in background right is 155 Rose Hill Rd, which originally had a mansard roof.
Creator V Louise Higgins
Publisher Pequot Library Association
Date 1890's?
Format photograph
The First Methodist Episcopal (oldest Methodist church in New England) was fournded Rev. Jesse Lee. 1789 Located at the corner of Fairfield Avenue & Broad Street. Destroyed by a fire in 1849; rebuilt the end of that year.
Washington Park Methodist Episcopal 12 Sep1853 Corner of Barnum & Noble Streets.

Consistent members of the Southport Methodist Episcopal Church. of which he is trustee,

"In the village one of the most active, enterprising and noblest hearted men is C. A. Meeker. But for his sagacity, enterprise and generosity, the new M.E Church would hardly have been a possibility at this time. It was he who had the forethought and courage to purchase the site for the new church, on his own responsibility, in order to make certain of securing an advantageous location, a site that is now deemed by many the finest for the purpose. "

The ecclesiastical map of Connecticut in 1818 speaks volumes. It shows that every section of the commonwealth was invaded, that there was scarcely a town without its diverse denominational societies. Dissent could not be said to be sectional, though the river towns and those bordering New York and Rhode Island might be described as centers. The chief value of such a chart is in demonstrating that dissent was politically Republican. By closely comparing this chart with those showing the political strength of the Republican party by towns, it will be seen that in those towns in which dissent flourished, Republicanism advanced until it became the dominant political factor.

Connecticut in transition, 1775-1818 - Google Books Result Richard Joseph Purcell - 1918 - Connecticut - 471 pages

The Rev. George Roberts in the home of Thomas Spencer. Rev. Roberts was an assistant of the Rev. Jesse Lee, who had preached the first Methodist sermon in Connecticut in Norwalk on June 7th, 1789.

Sharon, CT
Just across the border in New York the Reverend Ebenezer Knibloe led the Round Top Chapel where several strands of Protestant believers gathered for services. Knibloe, who lived on the Connecticut side of the border, preached for 25 years, was known as a "sound, sensible, sincere man." The first Methodist meeting house was erected on Caulkinstown Road circa 1808, and an imposing red brick church arose at the north end of the green in 1835. The custom of summer camp meeting began in Sharon in 1805. Methodists in Ellsworth originally gathered in the home of Joshua Millard, a native of nearby Cornwall.


“From the Southport Picture File at Pequot Library, used with permission.” 

courtesy cardcow

I believe this shows the side facing Pequot Avenue. The home behind was removed or demolished.


Alvin Jennings Northrop grew up attending the Methodist Church in Southport. It no longer exists. It stood on the coner of Center Street diagonally across from Trinity Episcopal Church (the current Trinity parking lot).

The original church was built in 1845 on Rose Hill Road. Both Sarah and Alvin were received in membersip in oct 1845 (curiously Sarah is listed as "of Southport" while Alvin was listed "of Greens Farms") -- both by certificate. The first Meekers were not listed at the Southport ME Church. until 1857. Northrop daughter, Frances Josephine Northrop m. Charles A. Meeker at Rye, NY on 12/13/1854. There's a good possibility "C, A." and other Meekers joined due to the marriage connection. Later two of the Meeker-Northrop children marry into fellow Southport ME member Parsell family. Parsells were not listed until 1869.
(Northrop-Meeker page)

Quotes below from from History of Fairfield county, Connecticut by Hurd, D. Hamilton (Duane Hamilton) comp Published 1881 p. 356

"present church was built 1845...largely by the liberality of Capt.Davis, a noble generous and faithful Christian. The determination to build the present church was made during the ministry of Zachariah Davenport, still living and greatly respected ; he preached on the circuit that included Green's Farms during the years 1843-44. In 1845 it was dedicated

The following is the list of preachers who have been appointed to Southport since the erection of the Church: Charles C. Keys 1845, Charles Bartlett 1846 (Time in New Haven) . James H. Perry 1847-8 (Time in LI); G. Gilbert 1849-50; Levi S Weed 1851; William McAllister 1852-53; Reuben H. Loomis, 1854; George Hollis, 1855-56; Samuel A. Seaman, 1857-58;Seymour Landon, 1859-60; David Osborn, 1861-2; Charles Kelsey, 1863; ___F? W. Smith, 1864-65; G Gilbert, 1866; oct 1866-Jan 1867 Rev. Tech Davenport David Nash, 1867-69; William Stebbins, 1870-72; L. W Abbott, 1873-75; William Brown, 1876; Henry A. Van Dalsem, 1877-78; Joseph Smith, 1879-80; Rev J. W Horne 1882-1884; Rev. W C. Blakeman 1885; George Boswell 1893-94, rev wm c. Brown June 1893 ; rev rbt crook, July 1895, rev geo a hubbell may 1888, and again nov & dec 1888

The present official members of the church are Stewards, Bradley Goodsell, Sr., Benjamin N. Hawkens, Andrew W. Jennings, Lewis B. Jennings, William F. Northrop, George E. Northrop, George F. McKeel, A. P. Jennings, Elijah Gray, Trustees B. N. Hawkins, Josiah Hawkens, A. W. Jennings, L. B. Jennings, Bradley Goodsell*, Elijah Gray, Josiah Hawkens, William F. Northrop, A. P. Jennings and George E. Northrop. The present number of members is one hundred and twelve.

Charity Elizabeth Jennings b nov 11 1850 dau of Andrew Wakeman Jennings married Bradley Goodsell b. 1842 d. 1915 , son of Bradley Goodsell (1814-1897) and Sarah Silliman (1822-1894)

History of Fairfield County p. 356 "

Preachers included Keys, Bartlett, Perry, Gilbert, Weed, McAllister, Loomis, Hollis, Seaman Landon Smith, Gilbert, Nash, Stebbins, Abbott, Brown Van Daksem, Smith 1879-80 last date mentioned.


Present Steward include Andrew W. Jennings, Lewis B. Jennings, William F. Northrop, George E. Northrop, A. P. Jennings. Trustees include AW Jennings, LB Jennings, William F. Northrop, AP Jennings, George E. Northrop.
The present number of members is one hundred and twelve.From mom's notes many Meekers, Parsells, Hubbells as well as Northrops in marriage and birth records.

These are from handwritten notes about the Methodist Episcopal Church letter dated 1971 from someone at the Ct Society of Genealogists

Membership list Parsells

Wm H, Martha, Increase 1869, Adella 1871, Alice, Wm H, Lucy Jane, Floy (Flory?), Emma, Harry, Lizzie,
Beatrice, 2nd Increase 1899, Adelia 1899, Helen Ruth 1908, Royal Eugene 1908.

Parsells from the Probationary members

Helen R. Parsell, Royal Eugene Parsell, Beatrice Parsell.


Membership Records

12/6/1857 Charles A. Meeker (Greens Farms) recd as member from probatiob an 1877 entry declares he "backslide" but was reclaimed 1877 record shows he was in army USA  
prob 1893 Charles Meeker, Jr. recd

later ?remarried and letter to Episcopal church?

1887 Chas Meeker recd into membership by leter fm Cong Church died 1/7/1910    
1874 George F. Meeker of Southport received    

Sarah Meeker recd into membership by letter from Cong Church

11/11/1888 Kate and Frank Meeker recd into membership by letter    
October 1845 Sarah Northrop of Southport received into membership by certificate in    
October 1845 Oddly husband, Alvin Northrop is received as member by certificate as well, but listed as Greens Farms
.(Could they have lived with her brother Nelson when they first moved to Southport/Greens Farms???)
7/2/1874 George E. and Margaret E. Northrop received from probation . (was Margaret Hannagan's family originally Catholic or Protestant?)    
7/4/69 William F. Northrop and Abbie Northrop received from probation    
Sept 1864 Increase Parsell of Greens Farms received in membership from probation . Class leader E. Baker  
1873 Martha Parsell received by letter in    
1871 Adell Parsell received by certificate    
1876 William W. Parsell from probation    
  listed 2x    
11/1891 Lucy Jane Parsell received from porobation    
1892 Floy Parsell, Greens Farms received in    
March1895 Harry Parsell received from probation    
may 1872 Sally Hubbell Greenfield received in full membership from probation   Sally Hubbell died 5/??/95
(no date perhaps after 1872?) Adelia and Agustus Hubbell received as members    
  George A. Hubbell Preacher in charge Rev George A. Hubbell    
Recorded marriages      
2/12/1862 John A. Meeker to Emma O Roe by Rev D. Osborn at Mr. Roe's home    
11/23/70 George F. Parrack to Lilia A. Hubbell at homeof Uriah Hubbell by Rev LW Abbott    
3/2/71 George B. Mills to Louisa A Northrop by Rev William H Stebbins does not state where married
perhaps at home or at parsonage?
9/30/74 Increase Parsell to Adell Uttor or Utton by Rev L. W. Abbott in parsonage    
5/3/75 William Meeker to Elizabeth Anderson by Rev L.W Abbott in parsonage.    
1/1/89 Charley Gravenstein to I or J Northrop at the home of H Gravenstein by Rev Geo Hubbell    
5/22/89 Lindley Hubbell to Nettie P. Stone in house of A. B. Stone, Woodbury by Rev Geo Hubbell    
12/14/92 Chris U. Reid to Mary A. Hubbell in Southport by Rev B. U. Gilman    
2/14/93 Wilbur C. Parsell to Viola Grilley in Greens Farms by Rev B. U. Gilman    
  Baptisms at Southport ME Church    
7/9/1896 Royal Eugene Parsell of Greens Farms by Rev Robert Crook    
6/10/1894 Charles Meeker infant of Fred Meeker of Southport by Rev Geo Boswell    
Childrens Day 1893 June? Grace C. Parsell of Greens Farms infant by Rev B. U. Gilman    
5/6/1888 Charles Alvin Meeker of Southport born 1873 by Rev. George A. Hubbell    
June 1888 Blaine Northrop, infant of Southport by Rev. W. C. Blakeman    
7/7/1885 Lizzie Parcell infant of Greens Farms by Rev. W. C. Blakeman    
3/21/1872 Freddie Elmer (elmore) Northrop age 6 mo of Southport at Prayer Meeting by Rev Wm. H. Stebbins    
11/8/1868 Increase Allen Parsell of "the Crick" in the church by Rev. D. Nash    
9/9/1864 Ella Angeline Northrop of Southport born 11-4-1858 daughter of William Fenn and Abbie Jane Northrop by Rev. F. W. Smith    
8/7/1864 George Morehouse Hubbell, son of Augustus and Abbey B. Hubbell of Southport born 3/24/1863 by Rev. F. W. Smith    
1/2/1862 Rufus Walker Hubbell of Greenfield Hill by Rev D. Osborn3/30/1882 Harry Francis (child), Floy Lorina? (infant),
Emma (infant) Parsell of Greens Farms by Rev Jos C. Smith
3/5/1876 Mrs. William Wallace Parsell of Greens Farms adult by Rev. L. W. Abbott    
  Frank M., Harriet E., John H Meeker all 3 adults of Greens Farms by Rev L. W. Abbott    
2/24/1876 Alice Dell Parsell b 6/25/1875 child of Increase and Adell Parsell of Greens Farms by Rev L W Abbott
at Prayer Meeting at Mrs. Wakeman's


Official Board Members of Southport Methodist Episcopal Church (from notes sent to Mom)

FE Northrop (Frederick Elmore) Dec 11, 1911
WB Northrop (Winthrop Blaine) 9/12/10 thru 1913
Increase Parsell 9/12/10 thru 1913
FE Northrop (Frederick Elmore) 9/1/1913 thru 1915
Increase Parsell 9/1/13 thru 1915
Mrs FE Northrop (Frederick Elmore) 12/?/1912
Fred E Northrop (Frederick Elmore) Term to Expire /1/1918
IA Parsell Term to Expire 9/1/16
WB Northrop (Winthrop Blaine)

Term to Expire 4/1/16


members in full communion  
recd 1886 Sallie Hubbell (w) maybe widow Died May 1895
recd 1848 Adelia Hubbell Died Oct 3, 1906
recd 1898 Sally S or J Hubbell Died 8/10/1906
recd by letter 1887 Chas A Meeker Died 1/7/1910
recd Oct 1893 from probation Chas A. Meeker, Jr. Later removed without letter to Episcopal Church
recd by letter 1887 Sarah Meeker Died Oct 25, 1913
recd Sept 1892 from probation Henry H Meeker Later removed without certificate
recd from probation 1891 Clara A. Meeker Died Nov 1899
recd from probation 1869 Wm F Northrop Died in Peace 9/5/1904
recd from probation 1869 Abbie J Northrop died 4/?/ 1915
recd from probation 1886 George E Northrop Died 3/17/1906
recd from probation 1874 Margaret E Northrop (mother of Blaine N, Mrs George N) died June 22, 1923
recd from probation 1886 George I left w certif to So Norwalk 6/2/1906
recd 1874 Winthrop Blaine  
recd from 1899 Mrs Fred E (sadie) Northrop  
recd 1902? Estella Jennings Northrop Later left w certif to So Norwalk Church died no date given
rec'd children's day 1918 from Sunday School Edith Marjorie Northrop  




Methodist Rev.

HUBBELL. GEORGE A. 1345Moriden; '46 Berlin; '47 Wolcottville ; '48-9 Woodbury; '50-1 Fair Haven: '52-8 Milford ; '54 Durham ; '55-6 Birmingham ; '57-8 Brooklyn, Carlkni ay. ; '.W Whterbury : '60-1 Meri- clen ; '62-3 Middletown ; '64-5 N. Y., Forsyth si. ; '66-S Brooklyn, Eiglneenth st. ; '61I-71 Warren »t. : '72 Fidr Haven ; '78-4 Brooklyn. Greene av. ; ^75 Greenpoint, First Church ; '76 P. E. Bridgeport Dist ; '77-8 Bridgeport, First Ch. ; '79 Woodbury, Ct; '80-3 P. E. New Haven Dist. ; '84 Ansoni ' town, Ct: '88 Soiithport. Ct.

Methodist connection
Charles Northrop/Northrup and twin brother Beardsley Northrop/Northrup(sons of other Caleb Moses )


  • ID: I3263
  • Name: Charles Northrup
  • Prefix: Rev. 1 2 3 4
  • Sex: M 5
  • Birth: 28 JAN 1790 in Newburg, Orange Co., NY 5 1 6
  • Census: 1860 Bangor, Franklin Co., NY 7
  • Death: 20 APR 1863 in Moira, Franklin Co., NY 5 1 4 8
  • Burial: Moira Community Cemetery, Moira, Franklin Co., NY 4
  • Occupation: Clergyman of Methodist Episcopal Church 9
  • Note: 9 Also in this home: Stephen Aldrich - age 28, NY, farmer Harriet Aldrich - age 23, NY
  • Note: 4 NORTHROP, Rev. Charles, Died 20 April 1863, Age 73 yrs. relict Betsey SPENCER, Died 23 April 1879, Age 78 yrs.
  • Note: twin
  • Change Date: 31 JUL 2005

    Father: Caleb Northrup b: 13 DEC 1763 in Pawling, Dutchess Co., NY
    Mother: Silvina (Savina) Knowles b: 7 JAN 1765 in New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT

    Marriage 1 Betsey Spencer b: 3 SEP 1800 in Middlebury, VT
    • Married: 24 DEC 1820 in Moira, Franklin Co., NY 5 1 8
    1. Has Children Charles Wesley Northrup b: 24 NOV 1823 in Vienna, Herkimer Co., NY
    2. Has No Children Mary Ann Northrup b: 23 JUL 1827 in Vienna, Oneida Co., NY
    3. Has Children Henry Spencer Northrup b: 23 DEC 1829 in Volney, Oswego Co., NY
    4. Has Children George Dempster Northrup b: 27 MAR 1835 in Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY

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      Text: Rev Charles Northrop, father
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    6. Type: Census
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      Text: abt 1790; NY
    7. Type: Census
      Title: 1860 U.S. Census
      Place: Bangor, Franklin Co., NY
      Text: age 70
    8. Type: Book
      Author: Ansel Judd Northrup
      Periodical: The Northrup-Northrop Genealogy: A Record of the Known Descendants of Joseph Northrup, Who Came from England in 1637, and Was One of the Original Settlers of Milford, Conn. In 1639. With Lists of Northrups and Northrops in the Revolution.
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    9. Type: Census
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      Place: Bangor, Franklin Co., NY




Census listings for some of the Southport Methodist names in Washington and Cornwall, CT. Was there any connection here that brought Alvin and Sarah back to Southport? Any connection that might hint at Alvin's grandparents?



Abigail, m. Zachariah FULLER, Apr. 4, 1754, by Timothy Hatch, J.P.
Abigail, d. Jedediah & Lucy, b. June 26, 1764
Abigail, w. Capt. Ephraim, d. Apr. 22, 1773
Abigail, d. Abijah & Fear, b. Jan. 31, 1780
Abigail, m. David GREENELL, Mar. 24, 1783, by Rev. Joel Bordwell
Abigail, m. David GREENELL, Mar. 24, 1785, by Rev. Joel Bordwell
Abijah, m. Fear STURTEVANT, Feb. 4, 1768, by Rev. Joel Bordwell
Abijah, s. Abijah & Fear, b. Aug. 27, 1786
Alice, d. Abijah & Fear, b. Mar. 30, 1769
Annis, d. Jedediah & Lucey, b. Jan. 31, 1758
Annis, m. Ichabod BATES, Aug. 31, 1775, by Rev. Joel Bordwell
Benjamin, s. Samuel & Mabel, b. May 24, 1786
Bradley, s. Abijah & Fear, b. Oct. 28, 1774
Chester, s. David & Elizabeth, b. Oct. 7, 1777[sic]* *(Arnold copy says "perhaps 1787")
Chester, m. Parnall EVITTS, May 20, 1829, by Birdsey Beardsley, J.P.
Cushman, s. Abijah & Fear, b. Jan. 24, 1778
David, m. Elizabeth TAYLOR, Mar. 2, 1783, by Rev. Jeremiah Day
Demis, d. Abijah & Fear, ;b. Feb. 15, 1772
Elizabeth, m. Nathan SLOSSON, Oct. 13, 1768, by Cyrus Marsh, J.P.
Eph[rai]m, m. Aries(?) SPOONER, Apr. 4, 1751, by Rev. Cyrus Marsh
Eph[rai]m, s. Jedediah & Lucy, b. Apr. 27, 1767
Ephraim, Jr., d. Oct. 15, 1779, in the 51st y. of his age
Ephraim, Capt. d. Nov. 4, 1780, in the 87th y. of his age
Ephraim, s. Abijah & Fear, b. Nov. 29, 1784
Eunice, m. George NANCY*, May 25, 1828, by Rev. L.P. Hickox *("Noney"?)
Ezbon,; m. Mary BROWNSON, Mar. 31, 1797, by Rev. Peter Starr
Ezbon, m. wid. Ruth SAUNDERS, Nov. 16, 1814
Hannah, d. Sam[ue]ll & Ruth, b. Oct. 26, 1745
Hiram, m. Emily STONE, Aug. 9, 1832, by Birdsey Beardsley, J.P.
Huldah, d. Samuell & Ruth, b. Mar. 1, 1747
Jedidiah, s. Ephraim & Abigail, ;b. July 16, 1731, at Fairfield; m. Lucy NOBLE, Dec. 25, 1754, by Rev. Cyrus Marsh
Jedidiah & Lucy, had d. [________], b. Mar. 26, 1756; d. [________]
Jedidiah, s. Jedediah & Lucy, b. Dec. 3, 1773
Loveman, s. David & Elizabeth, b. Dec. 5, 1783, in Washington
Lucy, d. jedediah & Lucy, b. Mar. 28, 1770; d. Mar. 19, 1771
Marcy, d. Abijah & Fear, b. Mar. 28, 1782
Mary, m. Joh HOYT, Dec. 31, 1797, by Jethro Hatch, J.P.
Mary, w. Ezbon, d. Feb. 19, 1810, Ae 49 y.
Mahittabel, m. Silvanus HATCH, Apr. 14 1743, by Rev. Cyrus Marsh
Parley, m. William Lee CONVERSE, Nov. 26, 1823, by Zachariah Winegar, J.P.
Prudence, d. David & Elizabeth, b. Nov. 6, 1785
Ruth, d. Samuel & Ruth, b. Aug. 23, 1757
Sally, d. Samuel & Mabel, b. Mar. 25, 1789
Samuell, m. Ruth FAIRCHILD, b. late of Stratfield, Jan. 28, 1744/5, by Rev. Samuell Cook
Samuel, s. Jedediah & Lucey, b. Aug. 12, 1760
Samuel, m. Mabel HATCH, May 26, 1785, by Rev. Joel Bordwell
Sarah, d. Samuel & Ruth, b. Mar. 6, 1749
Sarah, d. Jedediah & Lucy, b. July 14, 1762
Sarah, m. Aaron PAYN, June 17, 1766, by Cyrus Marsh, J.P.
Sarah, m. Ebenezer PECK, Jr., Aug. 16, 1781, by Rev. Joel Bordwell
Sarah, of Kent, m. Beers BEARDSLEY, of Washington, Apr. 4, 1822, by C.A. Bordman

The village of Stuyvesant Landing, a station on the Hudson River Railroad, is, as before stated, one of the earliest settled points in the THE TO IVN OF STUYVESANT. 643 town. In early days it bore the name of Kinderhook Landing-. The old, or lower, landing was first improved, but owing to the river form- ing a new channel, the landing place was changed to its present place as far back as 1800. At this lower landing Medad Butler kept an inn, and the firm of Butler & Van Valkenburgh had a store there. But when business was removed to the upper landing, the place lost its prestige, and to-day it is but a cluster of houses. The upper landing is now the seat of business. The first store at this point as far as can be ascertained was kept by Van Valkenburgh & Pruyn, who were succeeded by Alexander McMachem and by Butler & Vosburgh. Vosburgh was heavily interested in real estate, his inter- ests finally passing to Abel S. Peters, one of the leading business men of the section. The present merchants are Henry A. Best, who began as Best & Bray about 1880, but has been alone since 1891 ; E. Murrell, who began before the great fire of 1880 — noted further on — was burned out, rebuilt and continued five years, and was succeeded by Anson Pratt and others to Albert Van Hoesen, who took the business in 1900; Hiram Clapp with a partner, John Albertson, began in 1822 and con- tinued ten years, when he purchased his partner's interest and carried on the business until 1882, when his son Aaron succeeded him until 1889; since that date Edwin W. Clapp has conducted a successful mer- cantile trade at the same location. At one time freight transportation was an important item in the in- dustries of Stuyvesant Landing. In 1816 Abel S. Peters, Walter But- ler and Stephen Wendover owned sloops that made fortnightly trips to New York. About 1836 the " Kinderhook and Stuyvesant Steamboat Association," put the steamboat "United States" into service under the management of Walter Butler. After several years, on account of financial difficulties, the business was suspended. Wendover & Son had a line of propellers about 18G0 and later, but their boats were sold to the government during the Civil war, and barges were employed in their stead. In 1868 Henry A. Best & Co. succeeded to Wendover's businets and are still interested in it, although it is much reduced in volume. Captain Davis was in the business from 1833 to as late as 1880. In 1870 thepropellor " Andrew Harder " was used as afreighter, and other boats, running to New York, were the " Walter Brett," the " Escort " (burned about two years ago), and the " Charlotte Vander- bilt. 644 COLUMBIA COUNTY AT THE END OF THE CENTURY. But little manufacturing has been done here. In 1853 Backus, Smith & Sargent started a stove foundry on the dock, and later erected a larger foundry. In 1878 the works passed to the possession of the " Stuy vesant Stove Company," an incorporated body, who did a suc- cessful business until 1880 when the disastrous fire of that year swept the works away and they were not rebuilt The steam flouring mills, built by Peter and Thomas Houghtaling and George B. Shultz in 1856, were burned in 1880 when in the pos- session of Best & Wilcox.


The father died the following year, and the children then looked to the mother for guidance until 1874, when she too, passed away.

Felix Neider was very young when he was thrown upon his own resources, but previous to this had enjoyed a few years in the public schools of Manitowoc. At the age of twelve years he began to make his own way in the world, and in 1866 shipped as boy on the schooner Addie, with Captain Davis, going the next spring on the schooner Gazine, and closing the season on the barge Plymouth Rock.

Full text of "Life of John Davis"

The North branch rises in Otsego lake, New York, and the West branch in ...... Captain Davis was a great favorite with his men, and at that early day was ... - Cached
  • ID: I15764
  • Name: Eunice Northrup 1
  • Sex: F 2
  • Birth: 1787 in CT 2
  • Death: 20 JUL 1861 2 1
  • Burial: Andes Cemetery, Andes, Delaware Co., NY 1
  • Note: 2 Northrup, Eunice, daughter of Joseph Northrup and Mary Foster Born: 1787 Married: John Davis Died: 1861
  • Note: 1 (In one long row:) DAVIS Willie H., son of Wm. T. and Elizabeth M. Davis (no dates?) Hezekiah S.? son of Wm. T. & Elizabeth M. Davis d. June? 18, 1864 ae 2/8/15 DAVIS John Davis d. Feb 28, 1866 ae 82/6/0, War of 1812 NORTHRUP Eunice Northurp, wife of John Davis, d. July 20, 1861 ae 71?/2/1? DAVIS Henry V., son of M. S. and Mary Davis d. May 8, 1873 ae 21/8/11 David Davis d. July 18, 1902 ae 75/4/0 John P., son of John N. & Emeline Davis d. Nov 15, 1860 ae 13/4/27 Charlotte E. dau of John N. & Emeline Davis d. July 3, 1862 ae 9/1/19 (on one pilon:) (one side) DAVIS Hezekiah Davis died Feb 5, 1892 aged 65 yrs. 6 mos. & 3 days NEILD Betsey Neild wife of H. N. Davis died Feb 7, 1892 aged 66 yrs 2 mos (one side:) DAVIS Henry A., son of H. H. & Betsy Davis died Jan 14, 1899 aged 37/7/25 (one side:) DAVIS Mary A. Davis Died Aug 3, 1843 aged 91 yrs 5 mos (one side:) DAVIS Hezekiah W., Oct 31, 1862 - Dec 4, 1928 WHITSON Joanna Whitson, his wife, May 28, 1862 - Feb 26, 1922 (nearby:) DAVIS Parthena L. Davis, 1850 - 1922
  • Change Date: 6 JUN 2005

    Father: Joseph Northrup b: 30 APR 1757 in Dutchess Co., NY
    Mother: Mary Foster b: 1765

    Marriage 1 John Davis b: 28 AUG 1783 in Westchester, NY
    1. Has No Children Harriet Davis b: ABT 1808 in NY
    2. Has No Children Parthenia Davis b: 28 OCT 1809 in NY
    3. Has Children John N Davis b: 1814 in NY
    4. Has Children William T Davis b: 24 JAN 1817 in NY
    5. Has No Children Henry W Davis b: 24 MAR 1821
    6. Has No Children Mary Davis b: ABT 1823 in NY
    7. Has Children Moses Smith Davis b: 10 FEB 1824 in Andes, Delaware Co., NY
    8. Has Children Hezekiah N Davis b: 2 AUG 1826 in Andes, Delaware Co., NY
    9. Has No Children David Davis b: 18 MAR 1827

First Methodist Society in New England at Weston

ALVORD, CLARENCE E., was born in the town of Trenton, N. Y., January 4, 1846, son of Butler and Mary (Ward) Alvord, who settled in Trenton in 1838. He was one of three children: Julian W. (deceased), Clarence E. and Lillian H. (deceased). Butler Alvord was engaged in farming and was active in both educational and church work. Clarence E. married Fannie, a daughter of Daniel and Susan Sheldon, by whom he had two children: Alice L. and Mary S. Alice L. attends the Holland Patent graded school. Mr. Alvord married for his second wife, Alice Brooker, daughter of Charles and Lavina Martin. He engaged in farming in 1877 on the farm where he now resides. He is a member of the K. P. Lodge of Holland Patent. He has a farm of 150 acres. (p. 169) [Top]

  • ID: I36737
  • Name: Samuel Davis
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 7 Oct 1765 in East Hampton, Suffolk, NY 1
  • Death: 26 Jan 1840 in Ballston, Saratoga, NY 1

    Father: John Davis b: 4 Mar 1722/23 in East Hampton, Suffolk, NY
    Mother: Mary Conklin b: 8 Nov 1734

    Marriage 1 Mary Kirby b: 2 May 1763 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT
    • Married: 3 Oct 1789 1
    1. Has Children John Kirby Davis b: 23 Jan 1792 in Ballston, Saratoga, NY
    2. Has Children Samuel S. Davis b: 12 Jul 1793 in Ballston, Saratoga, NY
    3. Has Children Abigail Maria Davis b: 3 Nov 1795
    4. Has Children Henry Davis b: 14 Sep 1798 in Ballston, Saratoga, NY
    5. Has No Children Melissa A. Davis b: 17 Nov 1804
Charles H. Alvord is a namesake of his father's two brothers, Charles and Hubbell
Alvord, the former the founder of the Excelsior Needle Company of Torrington, out
of which developed the present Torrington company. Mr. Alvord has also devoted the
greater part of his life to manufacturing interests, but his early training was that of
the farm, as he remained upon the homestead until he was twenty years of age. When
but fifteen years of age, owing to his father's demise, he took charge of the operation
of the place and in the management of the farm demonstrated the possession of judgment
and exec\itive ability beyond his years. His education was largely acquired in the
district schools but he was for a time a student in a business college in Hartford. In
1883 the home farm near Bolton was sold and the family removed to Torrington, where
he became associated with his brother-in-law in a Hour, feed and grain business conducted
under the name of Talcott & Alvord. After several years in mercantile and
manufacturing life Mr. Alvord in 1896 became associated w'ith the Hendey Machine Company
as secretary. Eleven years later, or in 1907, he was elected to the position of vice
president and general manager and has since devoted his time and energy to the work of
carrying on the business founded by Henry .1. Hendey, his father-in-law. He is also
identified with other interests, being a director of the Torrington National Bank and a
director of the Manufacturers' Association of Connecticut.


Maria Northrop 1 2 b. ~ 1830 2 or 1820? d UNKNOWN Residence: Birmingham, (Derby) Connecticut Family Root Unknown  m1 Hubbell b: ABT. 1828 find a grave Maria Northrop Hubbell b. unknown d. Oct. 10, 1894 aged 74 years & 6 months  m. Benjamin Hubbell Sr. bur Lower White Hills Cemetery Shelton CT   b ~ 1820



Methodist Church Goshen CT Coleman






This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.


Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates