When there arenít enough hours to get the job done, when you need someone to fill in the gaps on an important project, give damnedcomputer a call.

Whether itís a few hours or long term  project, damnedcomputer can probably  help you out.

  Your PowerPoint person is on vacation and a last minute project comes up unexpectedly.
  Your Help Desk staff could use another person during a crunch, but you can’t afford to hire someone long-term.
  You've got to pull together a brochure or flyer and you or your staff just don't have the time.
  You'd like a "brochure" web site, but you don't have the time to train your staff to do it.
  I don't have a full-time assistant anymore and I can't do it on my own while I'm pulling together the annual report.

Can’t do it all yourself?

Need someone to fill in the gaps on an important project? Help desk overloaded, but you can't hire another full time person?

Need to fill in for one of your own training staff who's away?

Whether it’s a long term project, a major initiative or a single hour on a last-minute project.

Let me fight the battle for you.

Emergency!! 911

Do you need help right now? Give damnedcomputer a call.  Evenings, weekends, onsite or via email; we'll do our best to get your project on track ASAP.

Additional fee applies.




In a
crunch? Canít
do it all



Let us be
a part of your
flexible workforce.†


… Maximum flexibility...


... the advantage of multiple skills at an expert level. 

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