Maximize the potential of your staff resources.

Chances are you or your top people waste time with computer frustrations. Most people "get by" with software. That means using valuable time trying to "figure it out" by trial an error. Perhaps one staff member spends hours helping others instead of focusing on their own tasks.

Consider how much time is lost!  How much does it cost your company a month? a year? It's dollars and cents -- training and software assistance help your bottom line by allowing staff to be more confident, effective and productive.



Target training to key staff members whenever they need it.



Offer individualized training for a number of staff on the same day.


Brown Bag

Offer staff a series of one-hour lunch sessions on topics of common interest.


Perhaps you're not sure what training will impact your bottom line.


Staff Assessment

Evaluate the current strengths and needs of selected individual staff.


Efficiency Review

To take a look at your company-wide business training goals.


Website Needs

Do you need a website? Why and what you do or don't need.


Business Start-Up

Plan your training needs from the beginning.



Onsite Help

Onsite assistance to fix your software problem.

Email Help

Fix your problem with step-by-step instruction via email.

Emergency!! 911

"Drop everything and fix it for me"-- last minute, nights and weekends software help.


Let us do the job for you. Make us part of your flexible workforce. damnedcomputer will fill in the gaps when you need it.


Thinking about training and productivity.

Do you know what will really help your staff already? Do you keep track of the time-consuming frustrations?

How do you expand software capabilities when you have new task or new people? How is it working for you?

Does your online/CD training program need a few personal extras?

Start keeping track of the problems and bottlenecks so you know what to ask for when you're ready for  damnedcomputer assistance.




Do more, Do it faster, Do it right the FIRST time.



Help your bottom line.†

Time is valuable.



Programs we support



Let us be a part of your flexible workforce.



Augment your help desk resources.



… maximum flexibility


...the advantage of multiple skills at an expert level. 



Has disaster struck?


In a crunch? Canít do it all yourself?



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