Sometimes Executives' needs are the same as any student, but sometimes you'll need a different approach.


In my years of training with a major training center, recent years brought more and more Executive level students. Here's what they told me:


"I don't have a full-time assistant anymore so I need to do more on my own."


"I have to do more work at home and I can't always reach the IT people."


"I need to know what they're talking about -- I don't have a clue when the IT people talk."


"I need to know what it really takes to do a task so I can manage my people better."

Even if you work with pen and paper, you need to know what your staff should be able to accomplish, how much effort it will take and the kind of technology you need to do it. You need to know a variety of computer tools even if you won't be using them every day.

So what does damnedcomputer offer when you don't have time for a class?

  A single topic, multiple programs or help for a specific project.
  Topics targeted to your interests as an executive -- dealing with the latest office technology, comparisons of program advantages minus the "geek talk".
  Flexible scheduling. Most training concerns require a minimum of 4 hours.  Executive training is designed for maximum flexibility to fit in your busy schedule.
  The flexibility of short sessions that you can squeeze in your schedule.
  You decide the length and frequency to meet your learning style and schedule.
Expand, advance your computer skills in private, individualized training sessions designed especially for busy executives -- at a time that is convenient for you. 

Personalized One-on-one training that fits your schedule.








In a crunch? Canít do it all yourself?



Let me be a part of your flexible workforce.†










Maximum flexibility

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