When there arenít enough hours to get the job done, when you need someone to fill in the gaps on an important project, or just don't feel like doing it yourself, give damnedcomputer a call.

Whether itís a few hours or long term project, damnedcomputer can probably help you out.




  You need some great pictures for eBay, but don't have the time to learn how.
  You want to start tracking your portfolio or your personal finances but you'd rather have someone else set it up.

You'd like a calling card for your hobby or volunteer effort, but setting it up seems too time-consuming.

  You committed to working on a fundraising project and you've got to put the names in some kind of list or database.
  You'd like a family history website, but it seems a bigger task than you want to take on.

Sure, most of us don't have "emergencies" in our personal projects, but what do you do when:

  You promised to put together a presentation for your volunteer project and when you looked at the calendar, it's only two days away?
  You need to edit some photos for a card or invitation that needs to go out this week?


  You need to rework your resume by the end of the week and you can't face doing the formatting?


Do you need help right now? Give damnedcomputer a call. Evenings, weekends, onsite or via email; we'll do our best to get your project on track ASAP.  Additional fee applies.





Let us make your life simpler, reduce your headaches, let you get to what you like to do.



You've got to do it, but you'd rather be gardening.



Maximum flexibility...

...the advantage of multiple skills at an expert level. 


In a crunch? Canít do it all yourself?


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